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Timeline, NLP, Hypnotherapy & Fast Phobia Cure

Balancing the mind and body is a key element to achieving wellbeing. Holistic emotional healing techniques are tools to help navigate life, without them life and work can be a journey with vague direction and focus.

Many people do not feel completely happy with themselves nor are they confident that they are achieving their true potential. Through the use of NLP, Time Line Technique and Hypnotherapy you can begin to see things differently, be much more aware of your own thoughts, feelings and behaviours. You can discover what really makes you tick and begin to make crystal clear decisions about what you desire from life and work and then move forward to create that life.

Timeline Technique

Time Line Technique is an efficient, effortless and comfortable way of removing negative emotions from your past forever. You are able to break behaviour patterns which are no longer serving you.

Dissolve limiting beliefs and set goals to be successfully achieved in your future and eliminate anxiety around future events. Time Line Technique sounds too easy! That's how it works easily and effortlessly.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

The pressure of life today can sometimes lead to feelings of being:

  • Stuck in a rut
  • Negative thinking
  • Unable to communicate properly
  • Unable to break bad habits.

NLP offers many tools to help discover and take control of the links between your mind and body and is able to offer effective strategies including hypnotherapy and Time Line Technique, to break free of unwanted habits, release negative emotions, achieve goals and resolve internal conflicts.


Hypnosis is a technique, completely controlled by the client, where they achieve profound changes through establishing a deep rapport with their unconscious mind. 

After participating in holistic emotional healing sessions clients frequently report:

Increased emotional wellbeing
Inner strength/calmness
Increased understanding of life
Renewed enthusiasm for life
Recognition of purpose.

Fast Phobia Cure

This is an NLP technique to free your mind and body from your phobias. We come into this world with only 2 fears, the fear of loud noises and the fear of falling, everything else is learnt. At some point in your life, you taught yourself on an unconscious level, to be afraid of certain things, these could be:

  • Flying
  • Spiders
  • Success
  • Failure
  • Eating certain foods

......and there are many more.

This quick and easy technique is just that thing you've been looking for.


"Since carrying out a breakthrough session with Correana my life has changed for the better, I now have clarity and focus and a new determination to succeed. I would definitely recommend Correana's services to anyone that is considering making changes to their life, my life has certainly changed for the better and I am now looking forward to a brighter future."

Paul 38 from Cardiff