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Online Health And Wellness Coaching via Skype. In person sessions available in Cardiff, Bristol and Blackwood.


I have worked with some great people over the years - helping to improve their health, fitness and lifestyle. Some of these people have been kind enough to share their comments on my service:-

Christine -

"Bloating, cramps, diarrhoea, lethargy, mood swings, brain fog are just a few of the symptoms I mentioned to Correana when we met less than a year ago. After a few lab tests, one for food intolerance and another for gut pathogens, and keeping a food diary, I found out that I was Gluten and Dairy intolerant. Which can also be an indicator for leaky gut. Correana advised me on better food choices and educated me on why certain foods are a no-no and other foods that would help my condition. It wasn't easy at times, trying to eliminate certain favourites; sometimes I lapsed and paid for it! Then I could feel the difference without these toxic foods in my system. With regular meetings and Correana only a phone call away, I felt more positive and embraced my lifestyle changes. I am now 2.5 stones lighter, I am headache free, I have so much more energy, I am calmer, less irritable, sleep better. My family and friends have noticed that my skin is clearer, I have nails. I am happy, settled and looking forward to the future thanks to Correana."


"Correana worked with me for 6 months. The program was flexible and designed specifically to meet my needs. We covered different areas of health and wellbeing, but focussed mainly on diet and how my body was performing. My eating habits have changed dramatically and I am sleeping much better since working with Correana. I used to suffer from frequent indigestion and that has gone. I used a small part of the different services and treatments that Correana can provide, but that was what I wanted. The best thing I did was buy the GetFitt Far Infra-Red mat on Correana’s recommendation. The whole family love it."


"My recent plunge into weight training had left me with very tense and painful back muscles. Correana's sports massage was amazing and hugely effective at loosening up my back muscles and relieving the pain I was in. I would highly recommend Correana's sports massage to anyone who does regular sport to aid muscle recovery and increase overall performance. "

Paul -

Since carrying out a breakthrough session with Correana my life has changed for the better, I now have clarity and focus and a new determination to succeed. I would definitely recommend Correana's services to anyone that is considering making changes to their life, my life has certainly changed for the better and I am now looking forward to a brighter future.

Simon -

Correana, is at the top of her field, she has an abundance of knowledge regarding eating for optimum health.
She approaches health holistically, in addition to diet she works on your mindset, to help achieve excellence in your health.

Josie -

I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in 2010 aged 31. I was prescribed medication by my GP and was able to manage the condition adequately for a number of years. However, by November 2014 I was more unwell as ever and had spent 24 weeks of that year being prescribed four separate six-week reducing courses of Steroids alongside my usual medication to suppress the condition. The end result was a double dose of my original medication - the side effects were miserable; my skin broke out in rashes, I was drained and miserable. 

For me the prospect of having a colostomy bag loomed large; the Crohn's proceeding at pace I had never envisaged. Happily, I got chatting to Correana who suggested she could help. She did!

Following an initial free consultation I was convinced that, with help, I could achieve a better lifestyle over and above what conventional medicine could offer me. I worked with Correana over 2 months and the improvement in my condition cannot be over estimated. Correana examined my diet and highlighted changes that could be made to remove irritants and promote healing, she also advised lifestyle improvements to reduce stress factors that (unbelievably) contribute to poor digestive health and with it general wellbeing.

The treatment provided was professional, comprehensive, discreet, personal and effective. For example, when incapacitated due to injury, Correana found the time to come to me when I couldn't drive to sessions.

The result; I am no longer taking a double dose of medication, the original dose is, once again, sufficient. I have not had Steroids since engaging with Correana and taking on board her advice and implementing the changes suggested.

This type of education really is fundamental to health and wellbeing - everyone should take time to learn how everything you put in your and around your body affects it's ability to function, for those with illness the need is even more so and the results are life changing...Correana is the perfect teacher! I cannot recommend enough.

Thank you Correana!  

Ben Whitfield -

I am currently playing off a handicap of 4 and represent Caerphilly Golf Club at first team standard. I also represent Caerphilly in Welsh Golfing Union events across South Wales.

Since I have started playing golf, I have always been eager to improve my golfing ability and lower my handicap. One of the biggest impacts that have helped improve my game is golf personal training sessions with Correana.

Correana and I initially went through a process of postural analysis, identifying where I am least flexible and showing which areas I need to work.

Correana gave me numerous stretching exercises to improve my flexibility. Since using these stretching exercises and improving my flexibility I have found I am able to make full-unrestricted shoulder turns, resulting in more powerful golf swings. This has produced further distance and greater strikes with the golf ball.

I am now looking forward and feeling extremely confident for this season and certain I will get the results I have been looking for.

Many thanks to Correana! Excellent trainer with a kind, friendly and knowledgeable approach.

Mr LR Baynton -

I cannot speak highly enough about Correana. Unlike most trainers, not only is she interested in your fitness but also your wellbeing. I have been to quite a few gyms in the past and seen lots of trainers, but Correana was the only one who, when she gave me an induction, she gave me a program to follow at various intervals and to check I was doing the correct workout. Although a slave driver in as much as she won't let you cut corners, she has the patience of a saint and will explain why we do it, and will go over thing again and again without a hint of impatience.

As I am a golf fanatic, I took the opportunity to get assessed by Correana, she then provided me with a program of stretches and exercises; in all fairness it has worked out well for me as this summer was my best for results, and I have had many positive comments on how far I turn in the backswing.

Correana's other strength is her nutrition advice ; again always sensible e.g. I carried weight in my midriff and Correana's answer was to try not to eat bread. So simple, but it worked!

Finally I would like to add that during the last ten years, I have had three heart attacks, a 6-way bypass operation and in August 2013, I went for a cardiac check up - had blood taken and analysis. My results concluded I had excellent heart and liver function, and my body mass was spot on. I put this down to Correana.

Alyn Johnson -

Sport and fitness doesn't come natural to me and although I've been weight training for a number of years now, like a lot of guys, targeting legs has never been a top priority ( I usually stand in the sea up to my waist of a holiday! ha). In the last few months of personal training sessions Correana has changes the way I feel about training this particular muscle group and gives me the confidence I need to build them. I am always full of questions but she is able to answer them, with ease. Her workouts are hard and I might grumble on occasion, but Correana pushes me through realistic targets and I am definitely seeing the desired result! Thanks Correana.

Sarah Bateman -

I've been working with Correana for 2 months on my posture. I am completely amazed and very pleased with the progress that I have made so far. This is due to Correana's fantastic enthusiasm, support and encouragement. The passion that Correana has for her subject is contagious and her subject knowledge vast. It's hard work sometimes but more than worth it! I look forward to continuing my work with Correana on other areas of my health and fitness and would highly recommend her as a Personal Trainer and Holistic lifestyle Coach. Thank you!

Emma Haines -

Without Correana's enthusiasm and encouragement, I would not have been able to keep up with my training. She works me hard, but is realistic with workouts and goals which are set and are achievable. Sessions change on a regular basis, so workouts are varied and enjoyable.

Wendy G. -

I have known Correana socially for a few years now and recently got to know about her holistic studies.

I have suffered really dreadful stomach problems for over 40 years and have seen many doctors and had various proceedures over the years including taking medication for around 30 years. Since being diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol over 5 years ago I put myself on a low-fat diet plus more medication from the GP. Blood pressure and cholesterol came down but I was practically starving myself in the process.

Then followed an in-depth meeting with Correana and she put me on a much more balanced diet which suited me really well. Since then I had a very bad bout of IBS - again another meeting with Correana and a change of plan. She advised a massive hit of probiotics followed by a day to day regime of various things to help my gut.

I can honestly say I have never felt better and feel that at last someone is listening to my problems. Correana listens and explains things with knowledge but most of all with huge enthusiasm and belief in her subject, plus a deep desire to help. I learnt so many things which all fell into place and made complete sense after so many years - a sort of Eureka moment for which  can't thank Correana enough!!