Block Bookings & Packages

One of the ways you can support your system while creating health and wellbeing is through the use of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. How valuable would it be to learn more about them? Fill in the form below to show your interest in hosting a free class where you can learn about the benefits.


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Block bookings are now being taken for Sports Massage and Far Infrared Therapy.

Sports Massage offer 

Buy a block of 5 Sports massage and receive a Sports massage as a gift from me!

Single Sessions:

30mins - £30

1hr - £50

Far Infrared Therapy offer - Buy a block and get 20% off.

Single Session (Up to 15 mins)  - £20

BLOCK BOOKING                 Usual Price                    20% discount
30 mins                                     £37.50                             £30.00
60 mins                                     £70.00                             £56.00
120 mins                                 £120.00                            £96.00

To find out more about my health and wellbeing packages please click here.

Classes & Workshops

Host your own oils class for the opportunity to receive a free essential oils diffuser.*

What is an oils class?

An oils class is an opportunity for your friends,  family and other connections can experience DoTerra Essential Oils.

We will come to the venue that you are providing, this can be your home or place of work, and you get to experience DoTerra essential oils for yourself. These can be used to help with many physical and emotional conditions, such as:

Sleep problems
Stress and anxiety
Skin irritation
Aches and pains
First aid
Digestive issues
General Wellness
and more

Join Correana White - Award-winning Holistic Health Coach and Cassie Watts for this exciting adventure into essential oils and their use to increase your health and well-being.

*To qualify for a free oils diffuser 5 or more class participants will attend your class.