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What is a Golf Performance Specialist?

A Golf Performance Specialist looks at how your body moves in relation to the game of golf. I look at your flexibility, mobility, stability, strength and power. For example, if we just take your flexibility and mobility; if you don’t have enough ability to rotate going into the back swing then your body will compensate by going too far off centre line. As a result of this you’ll end up hitting the ball in all manner of directions. I can help you address this.

Why look at my nutrition?

It’s important to understand that what you eat will have an effect on your game. Whether we look at blood sugar balance so that you can keep your focus right until your last putt on the 18th hole, or if your core is not working properly because of a digestive disturbance; after all it is your core that helps you generate power in your swing.

What are the assessments?

I perform various assessments on the spine to check it’s alignment, I test your muscles to see what is tight and needs stretching and what is long and needs strengthening, and I also test your core function to see if it’s working properly and if it is then to what degree. The assessments take up to 1.5hrs to perform.

What are the questionnaires?

There are a series of questionnaires. These cover health history, current health status, lifestyle, diet & sleep patterns, and also one to find out your metabolic type. I take a lot of information from these and these questionnaires help me to determine your physiological load in order that I can write an effective program design for you.

What is program design?

It takes time to write an effective program. I take your assessment results in conjunction with your questionnaires to determine the right types of exercises to be covered in your program. You are not present whilst I do this. The programs I write always take into considerations any time constraints you may have, if you only have 20mins in a day where you can do something, then that’s all I will write the programs for. I can also take in to consideration if you can work within a gym environment or not.

Do I need to go to a gym?

Not necessarily! Even though I have access to a gym, to start off we may just be working on some exercise that can be completed at home. Some equipment will be provided for you as gifts for the Better Golf Packages. Further equipment may need to be purchased but is not expensive.

If I don’t want to go to a gym where will our 1 to 1 sessions take place?

If you don’t wish to go to the gym I have use of a rehab class area at The Whitchurch Clinic, Cardiff. Assessments can also be done there. The gym I currently work from is in Caerphilly called Slim Gym.

 I am already a member of a gym, can you train me there?

If you are already a member of a gym facility and want me to train you there then please let me know the details of that facility, please ask their manager “What is their policy on personal trainers coming in from the outside to train clients?”

How will I remember what I’m supposed to be doing in my program?

Not only will you get a copy of your exercises written on a program sheet, you will also have video clips recorded of each exercise on your smart phone, so that if you forget you have a visual representation of each exercise to take away with you.

What is included in the Better Golf Packages?

Physical Assessments – 1 – 1.5hrs
Program Design – 1hr
Questionnaires – 1.5hrs
4hrs of 1to1 sessions – Bronze Package

6.5hrs of 1 to 1 sessions - Silver Package

9hrs of 1 to 1 sessions - Gold Package

As published in Golf Wales Magazine - June 2015 pages 60-64.

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Health And Wellness Coaching in Cardiff, Blackwood and via Skype.

Golf Performance

Would you like to play a better round of golf?

I can help you achieve just that with the Better Golf Packages.

Assessments are the foundation for any good functional exercise plan. So this is why I will carry out a comprehensive series of assessments on you. This will allow me to find out what's tight and what needs strengthening in order for me to give you your personalised golf fitness program.

One to One Training.

I can offer you personalised one to one training. For those new to fitness, a minimum of 8 to 12 weeks of one to one training to ensure safety and results is highly recommended. Many people enjoy the professional care offered in one to one training and I am happy to accommodate.

Customised Programs.

Program design is only effective if it fits into your schedule and lifestyle. A great program written on paper stays on paper if it doesn't accommodate the needs of your schedule. So I will design programs that will address your:

  • Fitness Goals
  • Physiological Needs (Pain relief, postural, cardiovascular, mobility, strength, power etc.)
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly schedule.
  • Hobbies and preferences.

NLP for Golfers

Do you find you have some shots that you are great at, and some, where improvements can be made?

Could it be that you need a different strategy?

That's where Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) comes in. NLP looks at the mindset and strategies of the individual. These can then be adjusted by yourself when facilitated through a practitioner.

If you would like to know more, book a Free Discovery Session here. 

Better Golf through Flexibility, Mobility, Stability, Strength and Power.