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Executive Health for Optimal Wealth

How valuable would it be to optimise your health to increase your energy, productivity, and clarity of thought, preventing executive “emotional crashes and corporate burnout”, to give you the quality to work & life ratio you deserve from your invested efforts?

The Importance of Your Inner Health for Outer Business Success

The importance of clear clean thinking comes from a clean inner body way of life, thus what you eat eats has a clear influence on your ability to maintain your high functioning thought process throughout your corporate day. Low-quality food equals low-quality thinking and low-quality emotions and in turn low-quality profits in life and business.

“Correana White has dedicated her entrepreneurial career and practice in shaping high functioning entrepreneurs and business minded individuals from the inside out, highlighting the importance of fingerprint eating. She is one of a new generation of “food to power thoughts” microanalysts that bring a new energetic meaning to speed food for speed thinking – this is a definite if you are looking for health and longevity to your high functioning demands in your career.” – Paul Rees of Accolade Academy

How would it be if you could?:

  • Increase your energy to participate fully in your life, business and family.
  • Banish brain fog for clarity of thought for your decisions in life.
  • Increased and Sustainable Productive Days – creating a greater productive financial return and practical efficiency.
  • Reduce Stress safeguarding your future health and wellbeing.
  • Protect yourself from the crash and burn that executive life can bring.
  • Obtain a healthy body giving you added confidence in you.

When working me, an Award-winning Holistic Health Coach you can achieve all of this.

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Corporate packages for your workforce are also available